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If an insurance company is willing to deny insurance coverage to the biggest rock band in the world, they are easily willing to do it to you. According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Insurance underwriters who issued a policy to the Rolling Stones have declined to pay out on a $12.7 million claim the legendary rockers demanded, to reimburse them for the concerts they canceled in Australia and New Zealand in the wake of Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend and fashion designer L’Wren Scott’s suicide March 17 in her New York apartment.

Scott, along with other dependants, ex-wives, children, etc., of the Rolling Stones was covered by the policy’s provision covering the possibility of concerts being canceled due to the death of family members.

At this point the underwriters have won permission from a federal judge in Utah (Scott’s original home) to probe into the state of her mental health — and depose her brother Randall Bambrough about the issue. The underwriters’ decision to deny the Stones’ claim is based on their position that Scott suffered from a pre-existing medical/mental condition that voided her coverage under the policy.

In addition, the underwriters are questioning the validity of Mick Jagger’s claim that he also was advised by his doctors not to perform for at least 30 days following Scott’s death, due to his own depression caused by her suicide.

The Rolling Stones have now filed another lawsuit related to this claim in London.

I’m currently working on a case against Travelers insurance where I am completely convinced that my client’s property claim for water damage was wrongfully denied. Just like the Rolling Stones, my client had to file a lawsuit against Travelers to get the compensation her insurance policy entitled her to. We are currently in heavy litigation on that case, but we expect to prevail.

If your insurance company has wrongfully denied your insurance claim in Bountiful, Salt Lake, or Davis County, contact Fontenot Law. You can also visit our page on bad faith insurance litigation.

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