Estate Litigation

Most estates and trust are administered without the need for litigation. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for an heir, beneficiary, or trustee to get a lawyers help with litigating how an estate or trust is being handled. I have had experience in helping the people of Utah with litigation, including extensive and difficult trust litigation to make sure my clients are not being disadvantaged or ripped off by a personal representative or trustee.

In Utah, but especially in Davis County and Bountiful Utah, we have an ageing population. Over the coming years, estates and trusts are going to be distributed to heirs and beneficiaries at a rate this state has never experienced before. Not all of these estates and trusts will be administered smoothly, and some will require representation of the heir, beneficiary, or even of the personal representative or trustee to protect them from claims from the heirs. We handle representation on either side of the estate, and we fight very hard to protect our client’s rights.

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