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Danielle Crumb

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Meet Danielle Crumb, the attorney at Fontenot Law known for her unwavering commitment and energy in advocating for clients. Danielle’s relentless pursuit of her clients’ desired outcomes, coupled with her intelligence and fearlessness, has solidified her reputation as a respected family law attorney, earning recognition from fellow attorneys, commissioners, and judges.

Before joining Fontenot Law, Danielle honed her legal skills at Cragun Berube, P.C. for approximately six years. Her legal journey began in Chicago, Illinois, where she engaged in family law, personal injury, and foreclosure defense. Having started practicing law in 2012, Danielle brings extensive litigation experience in family law and domestic litigation. Drawing from her personal experience of growing up in a divorced family, she empathetically understands the impact of divorce or custody disputes on children and parents.

Danielle is a proud alumna of the University of Illinois, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2008, and DePaul University College of Law, where she obtained her law degree in 2012. Danielle is a member of the Weber County Bar Association and Utah Bar Family Law Section, and she maintains licenses in both Illinois and Utah. Her unique approach involves integrating her background in psychology with legal expertise to achieve optimal results.

Embodying a philosophy of zealous advocacy, Danielle recognizes the complexities inherent in legal matters. She prioritizes honest and direct communication while offering realistic solutions to her clients. Since relocating to Utah, Danielle has expanded her practice to include estate planning and probate, further showcasing her versatility and dedication to comprehensive legal representation.