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Bountiful Personal Injury Lawyer Utah

Five years ago, I left a job as a defense personal injury attorney, defending large insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, and Liberty Mutual against claims made by personal injury victims. Since then, I have become a very successful personal injury attorney in Bountiful, Utah. My office is in Bountiful because I live in Bountiful, and because I want to be the personal injury attorney for the people of Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Centerville, and Farmington.

Having worked as a personal injury attorney for insurance companies, I have extensive experience in evaluating personal injury cases and dealing with the insurance issues that can arise. Every case is unique and needs special attention. The billboard and television commercial personal injury attorneys will not give your case the care and attention that our firm will give it, nor will they take an aggressive trial track, as we will. Being willing to try a case, and being a skilled and respected trial attorney as I am, adds value to your personal injury case, which means more money for you. Do not use an attorney that is not accustomed to trying cases and being in the courtroom. Using an unqualified trial attorney will mean less money for you.

I meet with clients personally, and am available to speak with them whenever they need. Your personal injury case is a serious matter, and it needs to be handled by a serious attorney who has inside knowledge and experience in the personal injury insurance industry. Your personal injury case needs an attorney who is willing to go to trial, and I have done that for my clients time and time again.

Our firm has collected $1.5 million in settlements or verdicts. Unlike other personal injury attorneys, our prior experience as insurance industry lawyers taught us how to handle and document your personal injury case to maximize the value you receive. In addition, we are willing, in particular cases, to charge a reduced contingency fee than what is charged by the average personal injury attorneys, like the ones who advertise on billboards and television. A lower contingency fee means you keep more of your settlement. If you schedule a free consultation with our Bountiful personal injury firm, we can decide together if your personal injury case is appropriate for a reduced contingency fee.

Not all Utah personal injury attorneys are the same. Some personal injury attorneys in Utah see your case as only one of hundreds upon hundreds of cases they are trying to settle as quickly as possible. Other personal injury attorneys are not aggressive, respected, or knowledgeable enough to press the insurance company to pay the full amount the client is owed. Just because an attorney practices in the area of personal injury does not mean that the attorney is fully qualified. Our firm is qualified because we used to work for the insurance companies, so we know how to get them to pay!

Auto accident insurance exists for a reason, and that is to compensate an auto accident victim. However, the auto insurance companies see insurance premiums as profits, not as compensation for auto accident victims. If any insurance company won’t pay the full amount, the law and the courts are the only ways of forcing the insurance company to pay. Not all attorneys can apply that pressure, only attorneys that are smart, aggressive, and committed.

Our firm has never lost a personal injury case, and we have always recovered money for our auto accident clients. In most cases, we have been able to recover more money by putting pressure on the insurer than we could have by simply submitting a settlement offer, like most injury attorneys do. We put in that extra effort to get more money for you because that’s what the insurance is for.

Our Bountiful auto accident attorney law firm is different because we give each client’s case individual attention, and we will pressure the insurance company on every case, not just try to settle the case for what we can get as quickly as possible.

Because insurance companies do whatever they can to avoid paying out on an auto accident claim, they continue to come up with strategies and arguments to minimize payouts. These arguments can get complex, and they require and attorney who knows the law.

If you live in the Bountiful, Centerville, Farmington, North Salt Lake City, and Davis County area and you have been in an auto accident, and you would like someone to talk to for free about your personal injury case, or you just need some advice, I will talk with you about your case without any obligation whatsoever.

The only way to get the most money for your personal injury case is to hire an attorney who will take your personal injury case to trial—Don’t hire those attorneys who advertise on television and billboards—they will settle your case for less and will not push your case to trial.

We have experience taking cases to trial.

You pay no costs or fees until the insurance company writes you a check for your personal injury case victory.

Free consult and case evaluation with an attorney.

We always make an attempt to settle personal injury cases for the highest dollar amount possible for your auto accident case. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay what your car accident case is worth (which happens a lot), the only way to make the insurance company pay the right amount is to push your case to trial. We love trying cases to a jury because a jury trial is where we tell the client’s story to the jury, it’s where we vindicate our clients, and it’s where we level the playing field with the insurance companies.

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