Client Reviews

Will is an amazing attorney! Definitely a trusted advisor I can turn to for any legal questions I may have. Being a small business owner he has been great having on my side!

Brandon M.

Family is everything to me. Family’s are the one’s you would literally do anything for. You never give up on them and when they fall down your there when they need help back up. I say this because that is exactly what William, Cobie and Stefanie have been for me over the last few months. No one enjoys the hard moments in life but it’s what we do with them that will define who we are. I have had the privilege of working with everyone in this office. I can say it has made me understand what things are important to me. The kind of people we surround ourselves with are the most important. Honest people that still have values and respect for others. That let you know you are exactly where you belong because when you are here you are Family. That’s how they have always made me feel. I can not express how thankful I am to each and everyone of you. Thank you so very much! I could not have don’t this without you!

Jared N.

I loved working with Cobie and her team during a stressful time. They are attentive and quick to answer any questions you may have. They care on a personal level and aren’t your typical law firm.

Ash A.

I had an unusual case and everywhere I called said to call someone else. I came across Will and he was the only attorney willing to help me. He was blunt, honest and aggressive when he needed to be. He didn't ever sugar coat anything and I really appreciated it. He is great at communicating and really cares about his clients and the outcomes of their cases. I would highly recommend Will to anyone. He is amazing!

Stacey B.

Working with Will and Stef was such an incredibly positive experience. I felt like I was truly part of an excellent team who really cared about what I was going through. My separation and subsequent divorce case was handled in such a skillfully balanced way that everything I was hoping for came to fruition. I would recommend Will and his team to anyone who needs help with any aspect of family law. Will and Stefanie, I can not thank you enough!

Luke R.

Great lawyer! Made sure I understood everything step by step. Very patient and dedicated. Very happy with the results.

Douglas V.

Fontenot Law is the best attorney I have ever had. He was professional, aggressive, sharp and knew exactly what to do. He is an expert in his trade and has a commanding presence in the court. Exactly what I was looking for and he performed. Also, I felt like he was not after my money. He gave sound advice. He wants to win in court! A+. I would highly recommend William Fontenot!

Christian L.

Will and his team are amazing! They took such great care of me! They helped me get a much needed divorce, they were patient with me and my many questions, and most importantly he was honest and invested in my situation. Will also makes sure to continue to take care of his clients once the case is closed and that is extremely important to me as someone who has a lot of questions. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend Fotenot Law!

Meisha R.

I was so fortunate to have been referred to Will! He is responsive, truly cares, and always makes me feel like I am his top priority. He never gave me false hope or made unrealistic promises. He treated me with the utmost respect, is extremely professional, always thorough, and well-prepared. He put me at ease, gave me confidence, and is a MASTER in the courtroom! You want Will on your side.

Catarina G.

Will was my attorney through my divorce and he's awesome. As wierd as it sounds I didn't have to meet him. He took care of everything over the phone and through email due to me being military and stationed away from home dealing with custody issues. I would highly recommend him. He's fast, thorough, attentive, understanding, compassionate... etc. I really appreciate all Will has done for me and my kiddo.

Ali Q.

I am so happy I shopped around and then chose Will Fontenot. He and Cobie Spevak did a truly excellent job handling my divorce. When dealing with a very combative opposing attorney, they calmly and forcefully used the power of the truth to disarm him in court. My ex-wife had to get rid of him and find another attorney - a woman because she was so impressed with the power of Cobie. Will and Cobie gave me confidence throughout the process and notably were very accessible, by text, phone and email. Some attorneys make you go through a gate keeper before speaking with them -- not Fontenot Law. When I needed them, they were there. Will's knowledge of applicable case law was extremely valuable and they defended me very successfully from vicious attacks. Then they secured a very good outcome. I can't say enough. I am so thankful to them. I give you my highest recommendation for this team of lawyers.

Dave Y.

Will has been exceptional to work with over the years and on many different levels. Will is knowledgeable and detailed. Will takes care your legal needs and guides you through the unknown. We are incredibly grateful for his expertise and guidance.

Katie O.