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Fontenot Law is a firm with seasoned attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Utah. Based in Bountiful, Utah, our practice focuses on litigation, with a particular emphasis in Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Annulment, and related Family Law cases.

The truth is that most lawyers do not have the skill, knowledge, dedication, aggressiveness, and judgment required to litigate a case, much less handle a court hearing or a trial. Litigating a case and taking a case to trial is extremely difficult, time-consuming, and costly. We know because we have had to fight those fights on behalf of our clients, be it a deposition of a corporate representative in insurance cases, cross-examination of a police officer in a criminal case, cross-examination of an opposing expert witness in a personal injury case, or arguing a case to a judge, jury, or the Utah Supreme Court, our firm has fought on all of these fronts and prevailed for our clients.

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