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At Fontenot Law, P.C., we’re all about helping you and your family navigate delicate legal matters easily and confidently. Think of us as your go-to for anything related to your family law matters and estate litigation. We understand that dealing with family, custody disputes, or estate litigation can feel overwhelming. That’s why our team is dedicated to offering you friendly, clear advice and solutions that make sense for your unique situation.

Dealing with divorce, custody battles, or trying to figure out wills and trusts? We’ve got your back. We aim to make these processes as smooth and stress-free as possible, giving you the support and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

Here at Fontenot Law, P.C., we’re more than just family law attorneys; we’re your partners in building a secure future for your family. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our team to speak with a family law attorney in Utah.

How May We Help You?
How May We Help You?

What Cases Can Fontenot Law, P.C. Help Me With?

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Family law and estate litigation attorneys can provide clients with a wide array of legal services to help them personally. We have the experience and understanding to help you solve your legal issues quickly and effectively.

Some of the family law issues that Fontenot Law, P.C. helps clients resolve include:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Property distribution

On the other hand, estate litigation attorneys deal with complex issues that clients can struggle to resolve independently. Fontenot Law, P.C. has attorneys who can assist you in examining wills or trusts to ensure that all parties perform their duties as stated in the estate litigation documents.

Some of our estate litigation services include:

  • Will Litigation
  • Trust Litigation
  • Probate Litigation

If you want more information about the legal services we can assist you with, contact our Woods Cross, Utah, law office and schedule a meeting with a qualified Utah family law attorney to answer your questions.

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Client Success Stories
Client Success Stories
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Can I Expect Your Law Firm to Provide Me With Quality Legal Services?

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Fontenot Law, P.C. takes pride in the quality of legal services our team can offer to clients. We understand that many law firms in the area offer similar services. However, the quality of our work easily sets us apart.

Our law firm understands that when a loved one passes away, it can be upsetting to have to deal with obstacles that can cause you to have to wait for the closure you need.

The same concept holds true when we help clients with divorce and family law side matters, and emotions tend to run high on both sides. Deciding to end a marriage or deal with property distribution can make tempers flare. However, our experienced attorneys can help you work through the legal process so that you can begin the next chapter of your life.

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Do Your Attorneys Have the Necessary Experience to Help Me With My Family Law Case In Utah?

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One of the most significant aspects that sets us apart from other law firms is the experience that our attorneys bring to the table. Our family law and estate litigation attorneys have successfully handled public and private family law cases and have vast experience inside and outside the courtroom.

Our attorneys put their experience to work every day to help clients with their legal needs. Along with the family law and estate litigation services that we offer, our attorneys are also qualified to handle many other practice areas, including:

  • Auto Accident
  • Adult guardianship

Our legal professionals also have many years of trial experience inside the courtroom, giving us an edge with litigation.

If you want to know more about our law firm and our attorney’s experience, contact Fontenot Law, P.C., and schedule a meeting to learn more.

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Why Choose Us?
Experienced trial lawyers

If you are involved in any litigation, you need an experienced lawyer who is comfortable in a courtroom. Unfortunately, not all lawyers have the skill level it takes to make quick decisions when dealing with the judge and opposing counsel. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience inside and outside the courtroom and will put our skills to use for you.

Client-centered approach

Dealing with legal issues that pertain to family law and estate litigation services can be very personal and sensitive for clients. For this reason, our legal professionals work diligently from the first meeting with clients down to the last to ensure we put their needs above all else.

Honest evaluations

Fontenot Law, P.C. understands that in today’s current financial climate, no one wants to spend money if they do not have to. As a result, our knowledgeable attorneys will sit down with you, thoroughly review any evidence you may have, and give you an honest evaluation as to the viability of your case.

Experience and reliability

Our attorneys and legal staff have many years of combined experience in multiple practice areas that we utilize to build and strengthen cases. We use our different skill sets to devise innovative legal strategies to obtain favorable client results. We never back down from a fight and are always available when you need us.

Reputation for Excellence

Our law firm has worked diligently to serve the citizens of Utah with their family law and estate litigation needs. One of the most significant aspects that sets us apart is our prior private sector experience. This gives us a unique advantage over law firms, who often claim to get results but fail to deliver on their promises.


Many law firms are driven by profits rather than the results they can produce for their clients. However, Fontenot Law, P.C. focuses on the outcomes we can obtain for those who have placed their trust in us. We will always remember that we work for you and will fight hard to obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

Why Choose Us?
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What Kind of Results Can I Expect From A Utah Family Law Lawyer?

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At Fontenot Law, P.C., we’re all about creating relationships with our clients. When it comes to family law and estate litigation, we know the stakes are high, and the emotions are strong. That’s why our team dives deep into your story, standing by you every step of the way to fight for the outcomes you deserve. Whether it’s navigating the delicate nuances of a child custody battle or ensuring your loved one’s final wishes are honored through estate litigation, we’re here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Expect a team that listens, truly understands your needs, and works hard to get results that matter to you. We’re not just about legal victories; we’re about providing peace of mind and securing a future that feels right for you and your family. With us, it’s personal because your family and your legacy are worth fighting for. Ready to see what we can do together? Let’s get started.

Why Should I Choose Your Law Firm For My Family Law and Estate Litigation Needs?

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Choosing Fontenot Law, P.C. means selecting a partner who truly gets the emotional depth and complexity of family law and estate litigation. We know these aren’t just cases; they’re your life, family, and legacy. Every story matters to us because behind every case file is a heart, a family, and dreams for the future. We dive deep into the emotional layers, offering not just legal experience but genuine compassion and understanding. Our approach is tailored to alleviate the stress and uncertainty of these challenging times. We stand by your side, offering comfort and clarity, ensuring you never feel alone. It’s our mission to transform this journey into one of empowerment, helping you move forward with confidence and peace of mind. Choose us because you deserve a team that fights with heart, understands the stakes, and is dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

For your convenience, we are located 1.1 mi from Woods Cross City Hall, 1.7 mi from Creekside Park, and 12.5 mi from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Contact our Woods Cross, Utah law office at to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal needs.

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Q: Can a beneficiary ask to have a trustee removed?

A: Under Utah law, a beneficiary or a co-trustee can file a petition requesting that a trustee be removed. However, whoever files the petition asking that the trustee be removed must provide sufficient evidence of why the legal action should occur. Some valid reasons a trustee may be removed include fraud, embezzlement, failure to distribute assets, or self-dealing. However, removing a trustee is a complicated legal process, and evidence must be analyzed before the court can make a decision. The court has several options, including removal of the trustee or legally compelling them to correct their mistakes.

Q: Can a prenuptial agreement be used to determine child support in Utah?

A: Utah law is very specific when it states that a prenuptial agreement cannot be used to limit or place a cap on the amount of child support that should be paid to ensure the health and well-being of the child. Utah child support laws are designed to support the child and not hold to the parent’s best interest. As a result, courts examine various factors when determining a suitable amount of child support based on the circumstances involved. Furthermore, child support orders are open to modification by the court if substantial changes occur on the part of either parent.

Q: What happens if an executor fails to file estate taxes?

A: If the executor of a Utah estate fails to file estate taxes or distributes assets without paying the taxes that are owed, the IRS can recover the money from the executor’s personal assets. Many executors need to be made aware that not only are they legally responsible for probating an estate in a timely manner, but they are also held liable for any tax money that may be owed. Failure to pay taxes can result in the loss of personal assets and be costly and time-consuming as the executor may end up in court having to pay substantial legal fees.

Q: What happens if a person dies without leaving a valid will in Utah?

A: If an individual dies in Utah without leaving a will, they are said to have died “intestate,” which means there is no valid will. When this occurs, the probate court will appoint a personal representative to oversee estate administration, and state intestate succession laws will determine who should inherit the decedent’s estate. The probate court will then determine who should inherit the assets and property left behind and how big of a share each beneficiary will be awarded. Often, if the surviving spouse is not the parent to the decedent’s children, legal issues can quickly arise that require the help of an estate litigation lawyer.

Q: Can I contest the terms of an irrevocable trust?

A: There are several reasons why a beneficiary can contest the terms of an irrevocable trust. One of the most common allegations is that the trustor who created the trust was the victim of undue influence by another beneficiary or the trustee. It can also be alleged that the trustor lacked capacity, meaning they could not understand or evaluate information or make and communicate sound decisions. However, if you wish to contest an irrevocable trust, hiring an experienced attorney who can review your potential case is best.

Q: What is the difference between family law and estate litigation attorneys?

A: Often, the public may need help to discern the difference between a family law attorney and an estate litigation attorney. However, both of these types of attorneys are concerned with the welfare of families. Family law attorneys focus on matters that pertain to divorce or parenting issues. Estate litigation attorneys focus their attention on preparing families for the future, such as creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney to help individuals with legal and healthcare decisions. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a law firm that has legal professionals who are qualified family law and estate litigation attorneys.

Q: How is fault determined in an auto accident in Utah?

A: In Utah, fault is determined based on the state’s negligence law. Under the law, whichever party was determined to be negligent will be determined to be at fault. Because Utah is a comparative negligence state, no one party has to be 100% at fault. For example, under comparative negligence laws, if one party is deemed 25% at fault for the accident, their compensation will be reduced by their assigned fault. Insurance providers often look for ways to assign fault to the other party to avoid large payouts. For this reason, it is always best to hire an auto accident lawyer who can protect your rights.

Q: Do adult guardians make healthcare decisions for wards?

A: If there is no healthcare proxy for the ward, the adult guardian is authorized to make those decisions. However, in many instances, the scope of the guardian’s powers is limited as the ward is only subject to a limited guardianship. In a limited guardianship, the ward may be able to make their own healthcare decisions. If the ward is subject to a plenary or full guardianship, the guardian will make the necessary healthcare decisions. However, if the ward is incapacitated to the point they cannot speak or make decisions, the guardian will do so, even in a limited guardianship situation.