The Most Important Things to Keep in a Divorce

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The most important things to keep during a divorce are your good judgment, self-perception, and self-control. If you can maintain those parts of your personality throughout a divorce, you are putting yourself in a position to have a successful divorce case.

But remember, each case has its own definition of success. Sometimes, the most important part of a divorce case is not what each spouse gets, but how much money they spend in the process of getting the divorce and what the financial condition is of the parties is when the divorce is over.

Some issues are very much worth fighting over, such as custody, or situations involving abuse. On the other hand, other issues are not worth fighting over because either the law clearly defines what the outcome should be, or because the asset being fought over is insignificant when you truly examine it.

It is an anomaly in a divorce case that divorcing spouses can spend $3,000 in legal fees fighting over assets that worth less in both economical and emotional terms. Avoiding bad decisions like these takes good judgment, an ability to really examine what is truly behind why you are seeking certain objectives in a divorce, and the self-control to not let anger override your objectivity and rationality.

Our Bountiful Divorce Law firm will always take the position your hire us to take. And we will fight tenaciously for your position and your interests. However, we will also attempt to advise you properly so you can make the right call with regard to your positions.

Our over-arching goal as a firm is to maintain our credibility and dependability not only with our clients, but also with the judiciary, so that whenever we stand before a commissioner or judge, what we say will be viewed as authoritative and credible.

If you are looking for the right divorce lawyer to represent you, it will cost you nothing to call us and come in and talk to us about your case and see if you believe we will be the right fit for you and your case.

Our consultations are free, and our fees are reasonable.

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