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Hill Air Force Base is located in northern Utah, just south of the City of Ogden. In fact, my grandparents first met at Hill Air Force Base during World War II. My Grandfather, Bill, served in the Air Force in Europe During the war, and ended up marrying my Grandmother, Lee, and they moved to Texas.

Bill went on to get his law degree from Baylor University using the G.I. Bill, and Bill and Lee ended up settling in Houston, Texas.

In Houston, Bill became an attorney working for the Veterans Affairs Administration where he earned a reputation for being an excellent and conscientious attorney.

Growing up, I idolized my attorney Grandpa, and he was a major factor in me deciding to be an attorney. When he died in 1996, I decided I wanted to carry on his legacy of excellent and conscientious advocacy, especially for veterans.

I am currently a Bountiful divorce lawyer doing divorce and family law work for members of Hill Air Force Base to continue the great work that my grandfather started.

Military divorces can be very different from the average divorce case.

For example, there are special statutes that apply when a service member is involved in a child custody dispute.

Utah Code 30-3-40 governs custody and parent-time when one parent is a service member. A unique aspect of this statute is that if a service member is deployed, mobilized, or ordered to temporary duty at another location, his or her parent-time rights may be exercised by a family member with a close and substantial relationship to the minor child, as long as written notice is given to the custodial parent.

The statute also prevents child custody petitions or modifications from occurring while the service member is deployed mobilized, or ordered to temporary duty.

We are close to the base, and we cater to service members, so if you have a divorce or child custody issue you want us to help you with, call for a free consultation win an experienced military divorce lawyer.

We are located in Bountiful, Utah at 1355 North Main Street, Suite 8, Bountiful, Utah 84010.

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