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If you waited until January to start a divorce, you are not alone.  According to Market Watch, divorce filings jump by one third in January.

Though in many cases the divorce was inevitable but delayed for a time due to the holidays and family relationships during those times.  Holidays are already stressful enough for family members and even children in relationships headed for divorce, and most parents don’t want the added stress of a divorce during those times and just try to make the best of the situation until the new year.

By the time the holidays are over many spouses are eager to move on, especially in situations where they had to endure the bitterness of their spouse and even in-laws just to give the kids one more season with the family “in tact.”

Some wishfully wait and hope that the magic of the season will somehow soften hearts and heal wounds, but find in the end that the season only extended the hurt and deepened the wounds.

Many of our clients wait until after the holidays to get out of an unhappy marriage and start moving toward a happier life.

I’ve seen many people get divorced and move on to a happier life, even with children. But, you have to get started , or you will never get there.

If you need to begin the process of filing for divorce in Utah, we can explain to you about your options, how a divorce works, and whether it is right for you, I will sit down with you for a free consultation in my Bountiful Divorce law office.

We will chat about your situation and how best to proceed.

To call to schedule a free consultation with a Bountiful Divorce Lawyer, call 801-448-0156.

Our address is: 1355 North Main Street, Bountiful, UT 84010

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