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We do our best to keep fees low. We do this by being honest with our clients about the cost-effectiveness of certain strategies and arguments. We will never pursue a course of action on a case that needlessly bills the client just so we can make more money. Not all attorneys take this approach, and many will sell you on a strategy that is excessive, just so they can make more money.
Our three-attorney firm is just the right size to handle a simple, low-cost case to a highly contested case that has many documents and witnesses. Having three attorneys allows us to give your case the attention and work that it needs, without unreasonably high fees. If your case needs an aggressive approach, we have the staff and determination to be aggressive. However, if your case is one that can be settled quickly and cost-effectively, we have the know-how to pursue that approach, as well.
Many attorneys and law firms are either too big or too small, and many of them charge you more than they should. Big firms charge fees that are too high, making their fees out of reach for most people. And, solo attorneys don’t have the staff to take on more complex cases, such as cases involving businesses. We solve both of those problems by providing a cost-saving approach to billing which reduces overall fees, while still providing the amount of work needed to be successful, be that at a mediation or all the way to trial.
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