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Fontenot Law is a firm with seasoned attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Utah. Based in Bountiful, Utah, our practice focuses on litigation.

Stefanie Cabamongan


Bountiful, Utah

Stefanie Cabamongan is the paralegal for Fontenot Law and Utah Legacy Lawyers. She has prior experience as a paralegal over the personal injury department of Anvil Legal Group. As to her educational background, she graduated from Brigham Young University as an International Relations major with an emphasis in Political Economy and a minor in Statistics.

Stefanie takes on a variety of roles in the law offices. She assists in the whole divorce process, from finalizing the financial declarations to scheduling. In the litigation process, she helps with preparation leading up to trials. She also helps manage personal injury cases, including auto accidents and slip and fall accidents.

As a paralegal, she strives for client satisfaction. She is responsive with clients and is quick to get things done. She makes sure that all deadlines are met. She is thorough in all that she does, including drafting the necessary pleadings to get the cases moving. She is friendly, easy to get along with, and works well with all individuals. She’s always making an effort to help clients have the best experience.

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