Criminal Defense

Every year a new crop of recently graduating and admitted attorneys try their hand at practicing criminal law with little to no real criminal defense experience and no trial experience whatsoever. Do not trust these brand new lawyers with your case. At Fontenot Law, we have 10 years of practicing criminal defense, criminal trial and motion practice. We have all of the experience you need to help you get the best result possible in your criminal defense case, no matter what you are charged with. Most criminal defense lawyers, especially the newer ones, want to take your flat fee and then plead you out as soon as possible. That’s not what we do.

We fight extremely hard to help every single one of our criminal defense clients be acquitted, not to plead them out. We have extensive experience in litigating and trying:

White Collar/Financial Crimes, with a particular emphasis on insurance fraud/forger defense for both claimants and insurance agents.

DUI defense


Drug Crimes

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